Modifications and Customization

Modified Off The Shelf (MOTS) Enclosures

We can modify any Standard Enclosure to include cut-outs, such as rectangular, circular, D hole or any shape on any side or lid of the Enclosure, and fit any of our 200 accessories , such as Lid Hinges , Internal Mount Panels, and Welded in place Bosses for IP68 conduit seal to the enclosure. To find out more about our MOTS enclosures click here.

Custom Enclosures

If you need something more specialized, we can engineer and design a custom enclosure exactly to your specifications. This process is fast and accurate, by using our existing proven designs our engineers will work with you to create Engineering Data Packs and 3D ModelsĀ  for approval prior to manufacture. To learn more about creating a custom enclosure solution cleck here

Slayson's 24/7 support

At SLAYSON, we look after you just like we would your equipment; with the upmost of care and expertise. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.