SUBSEA Aluminium Billet Box

NEMA 6P / IP68

Rating: 200m, 656ft

Material: Aluminum

Industries: Automation & Control, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Tunnels & Underground


  • NEMA 6P / IP68
  • Submersible up to 200m / 656ft
  • Aluminium Construction


  • Mounting feet
  • Internal Back Plate
  • Available in a variety of finishes

Modifications and Customisation:

SLAYSON excels at modifying and customising all our products to meet your exact specifications. Contact our experienced Engineers about your project specific solution.

The SLAYSON SUBSEA Aluminium Billet Box Series has been engineered to withstand high pressure at greater depths, and is rated NEMA 6P/IP68 for prolonged submersion. SLAYSON SUBSEA Aluminium Billet Box enclosures are used on offshore oil rigs, submersible vessels and more to protect vital electrical equipment from water ingress up to depths of 656ft/200m. The SUBSEA Aluminium Billet Box is billeted from a single piece of Aerospace Grade Aluminium, making it capable of protecting vital electrical equipment in the most extreme environments.

SLAYSON SUBSEA Aluminium Billet Box enclosures come in an array of finishes, and can be easily modified with accessories such as an internal back plate. All SUBSEA Aluminium enclosures come with alloy mounting hardware. SLAYSON design and engineer teams work closely with clients to ensure delivery of the exact enclosure needed.

If you cannot find the size you need, SLAYSON will design and engineer a custom SUBSEA Aluminium Billet Box enclosure to meet your requirements.

Part No. External Height: mm External Width: mm External Depth: mm Internal Height: mm Internal Width: mm Internal Depth: mm Side Wall Thickness: mm Material
BBBI071104 170 290 111 120 240 82 13 Aluminium

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