Hinged Lids



  • Type 316 Stainless Steel
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Welded in place
  • Easy operation
  • Available in any orientation to suit your exact needs

SLAYSON can supply and install, custom designed and engineered heavy duty hinges on all of our standard enclosures. Our hinges ensure that the lid and the body of the enclosure always remain together making for easy build up and maintenance of your electrical equipment. Hinged lids are commonly used on enclosures that house electrical equipment which may require periodical maintenance and/or inspection. SLAYSON is able to orientate the hinge locations to suit your exact requirements ensuring ease of access suited to your specific location and environment.

SLAYSON can provide hinged lids on all of our enclosures. Do you require a hinged lid? Our engineering team is here to support any modifications to our enclosures!

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